"Digital, as anyone’s aware… is really taking over, and we’re very much aware of this… So it is going to be a key part of our business moving forward."

- Teddy Alexander

General Manager, The CEO Magazine EMEA edition

E-signatures for Advertising Sales: Case Study

The CEO Magazine is a global monthly business magazine for CEOs and executives. Based in Sydney, Australia with regional offices in Asia and Europe, it publishes four different editions.

Using Scrive eSign to power their advertising sales made good business sense, not only in terms slashing admin time and boosting contract conversion rates. Perhaps more importantly: giving customers a modern contract signing experience enhances the magazine’s thought leader brand.


What happens all too often to paper contracts? They get misplaced, lost, or simply forgotten amidst our busy activities. When we do remember them, actually signing them gets postponed until a space in our day opens up for the inspiring (NOT) routine of print, grab a pen, sign, scan and email (or fax, anyone?). Sometimes we get as far as printing, then get distracted.

Every month The CEO Magazine sends out 30-60 advertising contracts for signatures to customers all over the world. When they used paper contracts, many simply didn’t come back. No surprise there. And of course the ones that did come back got to begin a new life as part of a paper filing system (that was called “success”).


Then they started using the Scrive eSign service for all their advertising contracts, eliminating paper entirely. What happens when a signature can be accomplished in the space of just a few mouse clicks? The CEO Magazine’s advertising sales staff were pleased to see:

"We like to give our customers a choice… Most of these senior executives travel, and in between travel, Scrive gives you the opportunity to essentially sign and get a confirmation back as quickly as possible."

- Teddy Alexander

General Manager, The CEO Magazine EMEA edition


"The benefits are being in control," explains Teddy Alexander, The CEO Magazine’s General Manager for their European edition. And what manager doesn’t welcome greater control over business processes?

"You get to track it at every stage. Whether or not they’ve opened it, when they’ve opened it. Have they viewed it? Have they signed it? It’s being in control and empowering your customer also. The customer is in full control because they’ve got it on every possible device."