"The result is a fantastic customer experience. We went from 12% to 0% errors and can now pay our resellers within 30 minutes instead of days or weeks."

- Stefan Davidsson

Country Manager, DNB Finans Sweden

E-sign for Car Financing: Case Study

Den Norske Bank is Norway’s first and largest bank, and the second largest bank in the Nordics. In Sweden, they handle 20% of all car financing. In 2014 DNB streamlined their contract process with DealerPad eSign, an e-signing application developed on top of the Scrive technology. The success of the project was evident within weeks of the launch:


Competition is fierce in the car financing industry. Financial providers compete mostly on interest rates and commission, and DNB was looking for a game changer. They looked to technical innovation and customer experience as differentiators for a solution that car dealers would choose above others when pitching to their customers.

Prior to DealerPad eSign, a customer had to go home after their store visit and wait 2-3 days to receive the printed contract by post. Once signed and returned to DNB, the contract had to be manually checked before DNB could remunerate the reseller.

In the 12% of cases where a contract was returned with errors, the entire process had to be repeated, leading to customer dissatisfaction, frosty car dealer relationships, and even customer regrets.


In a high-priority project led by Business Developer Peter Ahnell, DNB set off to build a world-class mobile point-of-sale system that would make DNB the preferred financial services provider in every car dealership. But DNB needed a partner for this quest, one who not only fulfilled all the legal requirements regarding e-signing, but who also possessed the technical expertise to develop new functionality to a standard that would make DNB outshine their competitors. And they needed a partner agile enough to work in close cooperation with the DNB team.

Following a strict procurement process, including a rigorous technical due diligence, DNB chose the Scrive e-signature API to develop the new solution, and forged a long-term partnership with the Scrive team.

Since DNB was developing the first product of its kind, the required functionality did not yet exist. Working closely with the Scrive product team, the project group successfully produced a solution that could be easily integrated into their newly developed iOS application.

“We couldn’t get our lawyers to accept e-signing. Scrive’s solution made it possible.”

- Peter Ahnell

Business Developer, DNB Bank

Results and Next Steps

The launch of DealerPad eSign brought dramatic results. Contract errors dropped from 12% to 0%. But it was the greatly improved user experience for both end customers and car dealers, the actual DNB partners, that led to even bigger rewards: The partners quickly started to prefer using DNB’s products over the competitor’s, resulting in increased sales and new major partnerships with automotive companies across Sweden.

DNB is now bringing DealerPad eSign to their home market in Norway, a process that wouldn't have been possible without assistance from the Scrive legal team. Together, DNB and Scrive have managed to convince authorities to change legislation that hasn’t allowed electronic signatures for financial agreements.

As icing on the cake, Tesla has formally recognized the DNB-Scrive partnership, naming it the world’s best financing experience for buying a new Tesla.