"Today there’s nothing stopping us from realizing the vision we have with iZettle Advance in collaboration with Scrive."

- Alexander Gernandt Segerby

Business Strategy Manager, iZettle

Electronic Signatures for Fintech: Case Study

iZettle helps small businesses thrive with a range of innovative products such as point-of-sale and payment solutions. With customers in 12 countries on three continents, iZettle’s mission is to provide small businesses the same business services normally accessible only to larger enterprises. Efficiently and affordably.


iZettle’s Advance product is a breakthrough in small businesses financing. Using up-to-the-minute revenue performance data, iZettle can automatically extend financing offers to business owners the moment they qualify. When the customer receives the offer on their device, they only need to select an amount, then sign and return the contract.

So where do paper contracts fit into the seamless, connected worlds of financial technology and business intelligence?


Clearly, the success of Advance depended on an e-signing solution. As with iZettle’s other forward-thinking fintech offerings, the Advance experience needed to be fast, secure, and easy. And accessible on any device.


When iZettle started using Scrive eSign to send financing agreements to their Advance customers, the result was:

As soon as a customer receives their finance offer, they can close the deal right then and there, no further action needed. And seeing iZettle’s branding in the signing interface gives them that extra degree of trust.

Flexible, instant financing, on the fly.

"Scrive’s API has been very easy to work with. It’s been very flexible for us in adding and removing endpoints and moving around boxes."

- Alexander Gernandt Segerby

Business Strategy Manager, iZettle

Next Step: Scrive API

With the success of the pilot, iZettle took the next step: integrate with the Scrive's e-signing API to completely automate the financing workflow. The integration means big time savings for iZettle, even faster financing for their customers.

Alexander Gernandt Segerby, iZettle’s business strategy manager for Advance explains why: "We can initiate and generate a contract in the same second the customer chooses their financing amount."

Growing with Scrive

Advance is growing fast, and iZettle is confidently counting on Scrive to keep pace. "Today there’s nothing stopping us from realizing the vision we have with iZettle Advance in collaboration with Scrive. As we develop new requirements, I’m sure Scrive will have developed as well, so hopefully we will grow together."