how scrive works:

legal and technology

Are E-signatures Legally Binding?

Trade law professor Christina Ramberg helps us understand in a series of short videos:

  • What makes a signature legal?

  • How can you prove the signer’s identity?

  • What evidence can you show later?

The Scrive Evidence Package is unique in the industry. Legal evidence you can trust forever.

Scrive Evidence Package

Follow the story of a Scrive document and learn about the robust measures we've taken at every step to ensure that the document you sign with us can hold up to any legal challenge even better than a paper document can!

Sealing and Verifying Your Scrive Documents

  • How we seal all signed documents to make them tamper-proof and forgery-proof.

  • How do I verify the integrity of my Scrive document?

Powered by Blockchain

Learn how Scrive uses blockchain technology to secure the integrity of your signed documents. This short primer on the technology that’s disrupting sectors far beyond cryptocurrency covers a few basic concepts, including:

  • Cryptographic hash

  • Merkle tree

  • Blockchain

Document Integrity and Digital Signatures

For both paper and digital documents, document integrity is one of the key requirements for a signature to be legally binding.

  • What is document integrity?

  • Electronic Signatures vs. Digital Signatures

  • Keyless Security Infrastructure (KSI) vs. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)