Scrive e-Sign
- e-signature for your office

Sign and manage all your documents in a safe and easy way. You get quick access to all features by logging in to a site that is tailored to your needs.

gdpr on laptop
Automate agreements

Automate your agreements

Kick off the signing process with a few clicks in our portal, and let us do the rest.

The Scrive platform sends out invites, collects the signatures from any device, and secures the completed document. Track the status in a glance. Customise your workflows and save as reusable templates.

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Upload PDF

Log in to the Scrive portal and upload your document to our intuitive setup view. 

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Define workflow

Add signing parties. Set invite method (email, SMS, in‐person). Set signing deadline, reminders, and more. Use templates to save time.

Send for signing

You’re finished. When all parties have signed, everyone receives a copy of the executed document. We encrypt and archive your secure copy.

Manage all your documents in one secure place

Track the status of every document you send. Access your completed documents. Your E-archive comes with unlimited storage.

eSign workflow

Brand your eSign experience

Create templates with your logo, colours, and custom messages to give your customers a seamless signing experience.

Branded eSign



Save the workflow settings for the documents you sign most frequently.


Use SMS to get signatures from anyone, anywhere, even faster.


Authenticate your signers with eID in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.


Customise the entire signing experience with your brand. Your colours, logo, and more.


Build Scrive right into your own world-class app or service.
Take control of all our features with Scrive API.


1 signing party, or 500? All parties signing simultaneously, or in a specific order? We have you covered.

Evidence package

Durable legal evidence and audit trail with every signed document.

In-person signing

Sign the old-fashioned way—face-to-face. But on a tablet.


Find all the Scrive eSigning features right in your Salesforce account.

Custom messages

Craft personalised messages for your customers when you invite them to sign.

Highlighting pen

Highlight key areas of your document during a review process.

Two-factor authentication

Authenticate your signing parties with SMS PIN code to reduce fraud risk.


Provide your signing parties with supporting materials such as terms and conditions.

IP restriction

Add security by restricting access to your Scrive account.

Radio buttons

Help your customers make decisions during signing, or upsell extra services.

16 languages

Let your customers sign in their native language.


Use our Zapier app to build Scrive into your workflows and favorite apps.


Every document you sign is saved to your E-archive. Unlimited storage included.

Multi send

500 signers, 1 document? Just import your mailing list.


Set up automatic reminders to prompt your signing parties so you don’t have to think about who hasn’t signed.

Legal and secure

Legal and secure